Saturday, January 7, 2012

The weather is fantastic! What a great day yesterday, met old friends and made new friends @ Hawkins Wellness and learned new things also.  Tamera and her great family, the Zielke family and my friend Ann all came for new learning.  I was able to play with the essential oils, the Compass, T-zone, the biomat and everything else I could enjoy. 
The Razorbacks won the Cotton bowl to end a great day.  The animals are all happy with the great weather and Max is doing great.  I must say I do need to do some work here at home today, which I do not enjoy.  I am looking for ways of doing "housework" in a way that I can enjoy it.  I have tried it all and still can't find that modality that will help me enjoy "housework", unless I can afford a paid housekeeper.  Jill does come and help me most Saturdays because she loves doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen.  I have my brain entrainment music on but as I am working I can not do it with the head phones on.  Guess I need another way of listening so I don't have to stay close to the computer.

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