Saturday, June 22, 2013

Learning new things

This week I decided that I needed to find a way for my Spanish speaking friends to read my information so I ask Google and I was directed to a site that would translate my documents into Spanish.  I did have a document translated and will give it to a few of my friends and see how they like it and how much they can learn from it. It is amazing what you can learn by just 'asking Google'. I am so grateful that I have lived in the age of the computer.
I published a new book this week and will purchase copies to sign and sell at the Conference. I really do enjoy the process of publishing the book, building the cover and uploading the information.  I think I will teach a class on the process next year, if people have an interest in publishing material.  But, I am just figuring out that most people do not have the same passion I do for learning new things.  I absolutely love learning.  I am starting on my new Spanish CDs tonight, because if I move to Central America, I need to know some Spanish. 

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