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Meet the Presenters…

Holistic Wellness Conference

July 26 6pm-10pm July 27, 8am-5:30pm DoubleTree Inn, Bentonville, AR


Calvin F. Bey,  Ph.D. grew up on a dairy farm in Michigan and is now a retired USDA Forest Service scientist.  He has a deep concern for health and environmental issues.   Trained under John Jeavons, the father of the modern “Biointensive Gardening Movement”, Calvin instructs in his garden classes (Fayetteville, AR), how to apply the latest research methods to maximize garden space while yielding organic, nutrient dense produce.  He is a representative of Natural Action Water and the Weston A. Price Foundation.


Dr. Tammy Tucker, DO is a Board Certified Physician, specializing in bio-idential hormones, women’s health, weight loss and alternative therapies and has spent many years cultivating a culture of accountability in her patients.  She has motivated and mentored many in the ways of improving their own health, one healthy decision at a time.  She graduated from a two-year Radiology Technology program at Cox Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri and subsequently graduated with honors as a Biology major at Southwest Missouri State University.  Later, she completed an additional 2 years attaining a Master’s degree in Biology with an Emphasis in Public Health.  She then attended 4 years of medical school at Kansas City University plus an additional year as a Pathology Fellow at Truman Medical Center/UMKC.  She graduated from a 3 year Family Practice Residency program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida.  After Medical School, she developed Project Fabulous working with people to manage their weight problem while promoting wellness and preventive care.  She offers a unique approach to medicine and she integrates all her experiences together to empower her patients in overall health success. Dr. Tammy grew up in Arkansas and is the mother of one son.


Dr. Katy Morter DC grew up in the third generation of an Osteopathic family, and had the desire to follow in her family's footsteps. Watching her family's frustration, however, with an increasingly prescription drug-hungry, yet unhealthy public, eventually led her to follow a more holistic path. Severe headaches led her to her first Chiropractic adjustment, and she now specializes in gentle physical and energetic methods to utilize the power of the subconscious brain and the top vertebrae in the spine to create health for everyone from babies to the elderly.

Dr. Ted Morter, DC is a third generation Chiropractor whose grandfather  was the inventor of the Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (B.E.S.T.) that balances  the autonomic nervous system, updates subconscious memory programs, and creates a more positive and peaceful perception of life.  Working with his family for the past ten years using B.E.S.T., Dr. Ted helps people identify problem areas and offers positive solutions that help them take charge of their lives. Dr. Ted teaches holistic healing including “Law of Attraction”.

Dr. Ted and Dr. Kathy Morter serve Northwest Arkansas  at the Morter Wellness Center, with leading edge healing and wellness technologies.  They are the proud parents of a son, Max.


Lilian Bern M.F.C.T is a Healer, Motivational Speaker and Teacher. She uses transformational communication, imagery and energy work to create change.

She works with all aspects: mind, body, spirit, emotions, relationships and environment.  Her approach is a blend of psychology, biology, spirituality and hands-on healing. She has a graduate degree in Psychology and in Women’s Studies and a license as a Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, certified as a Non-Denominational Minister, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Neürolinguistic Programmer and Cellular Trauma  Release Practitioner.  Her private practice services (Rogers, AR) are available in both Spanish and English.


Allee Anabal RN, EEM-AP is certified as an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, authorized as an Energy Medicine for Women and EM 101-102 instructor (CE's available for RN's & massage therapists), and is an RN & former midwife.  In her private practice, Allee blends energy medicine with Transformational Drumming and Rhythmic Expression, essential oils, Emotion Code, prenatal Regression & Trauma Release, and other complementary modalities.  Her workshops include topics such as: hormone balancing, pregnancy & birth, menopause& graceful, alleviating stress & pain, immune function, weight management, developing relationship skills, manifesting abundance,

Dr. David Tharp is a Naturalpathic physician and Independent Health, Wellness and Fitness Professional located in Northwest Arkansas but also has a practice in Van Buren, AR and Kansas City, Mo.  His desire is to have a practice in bio-energy (Domancic) therapy to alleviate pain and suffering.  


Doug Myrick Human Development Trainer

Lives in Northwest Arkansas and graduated from the University of Arkansas with BS degree in Health Sciences.  He has a practice in Novanetics in Fayetteville and Rogers.  Novanetics is an applied philosophy of human development and change, devoted to the advancement of self-improvement and personal achievement and stress management.  Novanetics technology is easy to learn, takes only minutes to use, and produces real results that you can SEE and MEASURE.


Tresa Jacobs moved to Arkansas from Boulder, Colorado a few years ago and works with energy medicine part time. She lives in Centerton and works in Bentonville.


Helen Hollinger moved to NW Arkansas from Kansas. In 2012, she was diagnosed with Colon Cancer and opted to emply natural remedies instead of using conventional medicine.  She developed a program for her treatment with some help from a few select individuals and is now in remission; cancer free.


Tania Knudsen is an artist with a studio in Rogers.  Tania is a contemporary acrylic and oil painter. She is also a student of natural healing and uses her art to heal.  She has a daughter and lives in Rogers.


Michael Schreiber, LMT (Johnson, AR) is a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner and organic farmer.  Initially practicing as a Licensed Massage Therapist, he later introduced aromatherapy and reflexology into this practice.  Then after discovering Bowenwork, it has become his life’s work and passion once he learned all that this gentle, yet profound, hands-on modality can do to bring the body back into balance and heal itself.


Freddie Martin Arbuthnot is a lifelong learner and is passionate about living the holistic lifestyle.  She loves to teach others how to be well and is a Certified Life Coach, a retired RN, has a Doctorate in Metaphysic and is an Ordained Minister.  She lives on a small farm and rescues animals.  Mother of four and grandmother of two, she is author of several books concerning holistic wellness available on

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