Sunday, July 28, 2013

I just had my first Holistic Wellness Lifesaver Conference in Northwest Arkansas.  In my eyes it was a success; lots of good energy, great speakers, really good exhibitors and really energetic attendees.  It does not matter the modality of healing each it their own way expressed the idea that you attract what you want; if you are positive you attract positive things in your life and if you are living in a negative world you attract negative things in your life. In others words "You paint your own rainbows".  I wanted 200 participants but I did not get that many, but I had just the right amount to have good traffic throughout the rooms and with many more, it would have been too crowded to get that positive energy that was in abundance. I am really tired but it is a very happy tired. I worked hard and I worked my daughters hard but we had a good time and hopefully afforded others a great weekend.
Even if I am 78 years old, I hope to do this over and over and over....

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