Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring is here?

I think Spring has sprung and daylight savings time is here.  All the talk about having more daylight to get more stuff done; not true, the same amount of time and the same amount of daylight, all that changed was the clock so you will think there is more time.  We are so easily fooled and conned.  I am not so easily conned since my animals know what the real time is and when it is daylight.
All four of the baby goats are doing fine and having so much fun, no worries, just fun.  That is the way life should be.  The old Golden retriever dog that I took in a few weeks ago is beginning to go "downhill" I now have to pick up her back legs so she can move about.  Her hips have just worn out.  She still enjoys her bone, food and watching the cats so I do not think it is quiet time to end her life.  
The registrations for the conference are coming in really slow but I remember that it was somewhat that way last year.  It makes me worry about paying the bills but no one is concerned but me.  The plane tickets for the speakers have been purchased and now I must get enough money to pay for their hotel, etc.  Also have to pay for the event space.  I do not plan to do this again in such a big way, I will get a cheap event space and not bring in speakers next time.  I hate to say it but, "I am too old for this sort of thing".  I need to just relax and enjoy life @ 80 years of age.   

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