Friday, March 28, 2014

Every day a new blunder by the medical world

Note on facebook about a friend who is getting chemo treatments: :So happy to have a big mac and ice cream"  should have had a green smoothie or a huge salad and some coffee enemas. The doctors are clueless about what feeds cancer.  Good healthy nutrition is beyond the thinking processes of an oncologists also can't imagine any educated person no knowing what they should do for their bodies.  This is a very smart educated woman!
I am waking up every mornings to new frustrations concerning how much knowledge is available and how little it is used by mankind also how little people really care.  
Just decided that I am not doing any more conferences; the money I am spending to get this wellness info to others, I could have spent visiting Dr. Mayfield in Orlando and getting treatments from all the healing modalities. I could have had a really fun time if I had not been concerned about helping others.  NO MORE......

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