Friday, June 20, 2014

Direction in my life

I am finding it difficult to get some focus in my life at this time.  Just when I seem to find a direction, there is a detour.  One thing that happened is the fact that my clutter cleaning has come to a near standstill because I jut can't find disposal space for much of my 'stuff' and I really have not had energy for doing such mundane things.  I must focus on it again and will start on Sunday.  I have distractions that I like and distractions that I do not like. I will say that I was distracted when some geek got my debit card numbers and I had to get all the charges deleted and also I had to destroy the card; now have to wait for a new card before I can order products that I need to order.  I have also been do a lot of research of healing techniques and listening to a lot of webinars on the webpages of and  both have suggestions that I need to follow up on. My old car is falling apart so really only necessary little short trips in the car and I cannot afford to purchase another car, sometimes I think that it does not make much sense for me to have a car until gas gets cheaper instead of higher in price.  I am enjoying catching up on reading and also watching my baseball games on TV. Highlight of my year has been spending a few days in Kansas City, going to baseball games and staying on the Plaza that holds many memories for me from the late 50's. I am so grateful that my daughter, Lonna, is so kind to take me on trips. 
I am already so tired of election ads on TV and don't know how I can tolerate it the next few months. 

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