Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Just thinking...

Just thinking this morning as I read news and bits and pieces of news.  All the time and space devoted to a disease from the middle east that has killed three, I just can't believe that's newsworthy since many more kids die every minute at the hands of their parents or with a bullet from someone's gun,  why aren't we thinking of preventing that instead of spending our time and news space on trivial stuff like a middle eastern disease that will probably never have any effect on our lives and why are we spending our money and lives "fixing" other countries that are in constant civil war with or without our assistance.  None of this makes sense to me.  I am in favor of letting others work out their problems and spending our time and money helping those who cannot defend themselves; our children  and the elderly.... Our jails are full of people who have smoked or sold "pot" and real criminals are walking our streets; does that make sense to you?
Big "not for profit" organizations spending lots of money on big offices, big corporate bosses huge salaries; always looking for something that never gets done.  for instance the cure for cancer, which is already available to us but they are looking for one that is man made so that big bucks can be made from it. 
All in all the thinking of the people is wrong, wrong, wrong.  All this can usually be traced to greed and self centeredness. 

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