Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just Rambling

As spring, springs, I want to restart and restore.  As I sat under my old peach tree yesterday and watched the sun come up, have a cup of coffee, I can just dream and plan so much to do to keep everyone well.  Of course I was barefoot, had my energy pendant touching my body, also had my little frequency vial around my neck and in my pocket.  You can imagine how much was racing through my mind and how excited I am to get out and "heal" the world.  According to my little pendulum I am not in need of any of the many supplements on my shelf but it does tell me that in order to keep well, I need my ASEA and Restore, just to keep tuned up.  I have not been eating perfectly but somehow my Asea and Restore is allowing me to eat a bit poorly and still be well and my exercise program is not it's best but my body is adjusting. 
Today it is raining so more mud is on its way.  I just washed entry rugs and my sheets but will have to do it again tomorrow.  I am certain that some farmer somewhere is praising all the rain but my horse, goats, dogs and cats are really looking forward to more sunshine.
I am also going to use my twinray laser for nasal laser to improve my brain function and I am reading a couple of books on my kindle cloud when I have time to sit today: we won't be doing much outdoor play, my dogs do not like to get wet at all. 
As I listen to Dr. Garry Gordon on the computer, he gives resources that I have to investigate so I spend a lot of time just researching.  I must quit rambling and get busy being productive!!

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