Friday, March 27, 2015

too busy

I like to say that I am too busy to do a little blogging but I should say; "I am not doing a good job organizing my time". There has been a great deal going on in my life.  My usual chores of taking care of a dozen rescued little dogs a couple of cats the rescued goats and 32 year old horse were all a lot of trouble through out the winter months.  I am so happy that spring has sprung and the sun is shining again.  It is still cold but warm weather is here soon.
My two days at my classroom are good and I stay busy the whole time that I am there.  I have met a few new people and enjoy the time I have with the old friends.  I am getting enough donations so I can pay the rent.  I am going to keep learning and I will continue to help others get well and stay well.
I have been missing a couple of great friends who have moved away and I guess I am a little jealous of CC and Nancy.
I need to improve on my body movement daily and I really do not eat as healthy as I would like.
I am going to become involved in volunteer work again. 
As the weather becomes predictable I will be able to do more, including yard work and a bit of gardening.
I spoke with my Allergy antidotes instructor, Sandi this week on the phone and am really interested in doing more of the "ask and receive" healing modality. Today I am putting together a program to assist healing of bones with the cold laser and magnets. I am very interested in using magnets and the cold laser for so many things, another couple of non invasive therapies with little costs. 

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