Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time to Rant a little, just a little....

As I read and listen: Donald Trump says he is really rich, ok maybe in $$ but how rich is he in really good friends, really good wellness, really great happiness?  There are many of us who have an abundance of riches without the $$ and we are very happy.
I am amazed every day with the stupidity of people who evidently do not read, research of think for themselves.  When I was a child, I had a herd of sheep and I had one old nanny that I would grab and all would follow us to the barn without a thought of getting out of line, many people remind me of this mentality. Several clients came to the classroom yesterday who had been given prescriptions and did not know why the physician gave it to them.  One woman said he gave her a prescription for Lipitor, I told her that one of those would never be in my hand and that if I wanted to die a slow painful death, I would fill the script and take it.  She did mention that her cholesterol was dangerous: 2 hundred something.  But she wondered if eating 12 tacos the day before might have caused some of it...duh, duh... Being a bit sarcastic, "Some of the local physicians could be turned loose on death row and we would not have to use the questionable injections for taking care of the problem.  They might not die but they would feel so bad that they would be happy to die.". 

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