Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Emotional turmoil

So much emotion involved in getting all the conference bills paid and starting the reinvention of my life.  In addition to that emotion, my favorite little white dog, Skippy, died.  Skippy was a brat, a sweetheart, a wonderful little creature who; marked everything in the house, irritated all the other creatures in the house and would jump into my lap, look up with love in his eyes and snuggle.  He was a stray who has only been with me a few years but he was full of life and mischief, and died unexpected.
By the time I get all the bills paid for the conference, I will be in the red about $4500.00, not that I can afford that, it took all my bank account and Lonna gave me $2000 from her account.  I will never do that again!!!  I have to just shake off the mistakes that I make and go on with life.  Everyone is willing to tell me how to do that but it is not as easy as it sounds.   I am alive and well and ready to start over.
Yesterday I did start my de-cluttering of my life: cleaned the glove compartment, cleaned up my computer desktop and started erasing some people from my e-mail and facebook pages. Today I will continue by starting one room in the house and continue working on the computer clean-up. The steps to this reinvention are small but I have to continue to care for my now 11 dogs, my cats, the goats and Janet the old mare.  I allow the pleasure of watching some baseball games on TV and reading on my Android/Kindle.   

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