Monday, April 14, 2014

The Holistic Lifesaving Conference is over and I know for a fact that it changed lives and the information gained was great. I am so sorry that more people did not want to learn how to be well and stay well. There is such a need but many like to be sick and stay sick. It is a shame and I think it is a sin.  Many of the things said by Dr. Donald Mayfield concerned letting your body heal itself and how to do that.  Dr. Joan Vernikos showed us how to stay healthy by using such small actions, as long as we are consistent with movement.  Everyone should hear these two experts and learn from them. When I figure my expenses and the income, there is about $4000 that has to be made up from the bank accounts of Lonna and me. I have learned my lesson, I think, and I won't count of help from others in the future. Some people who just could not pay full ticket and have lunch, ended up in the dining room, eating a free $25 meal, so crude, others frowned on the price and took advantage of me. ok, that is enough griping and complaining.
Starting today those people will not be in my life any more and I will have only the people that add value to my life around me. Today I have to go to the bank, settle all accounts for the rooms for my speakers at the hotel and then I am going to start eliminating all clutter (including people that do not add value to my life) from my life.  I am going to reinvent my life and will be completely changed by October 7, 2014, my 80th birthday.

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