Saturday, April 25, 2015

just talking

I got my new electric lawn mower this morning and I have to mow the yard; I want to see my Peonies bloom and I can't see them until, I mow the yard.  I want to think that most of those weeds are "herbs" so I can just leave them there but my neighbors might not like my "herb garden".  I hate mundane chores but mowing gives me an opportunity for exercise, vitamin D3, and it just has to be done.  
I can't use soap in my shower for a few hours because it will wash off my vitamin D3 so my green feet will need a separate soak.  I am unhappy because the Royals baseball game was rained out in Chicago and I will have to be satisfied with Book TV.   I had planned to relax and watch the baseball game.  As Doris Day sings: Whatever will be, will be........

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