Sunday, April 12, 2015

My week in review

As usual, my week has been busy; Monday was time in the classroom which I enjoy and Tuesday, I went on a field trip with a friend and fellow holistic thinker, Doris.   We went into the far corners of Arkansas, Omaha, Arkansas.  A semi retired holistic Dentist, Dr. Sinclair was there to teach us more about the uses of my remedy maker and guardian machines.  I loved the drive and I got to know family history of Doris, so much fun.  
I had to have a day to catch up with "homework" because I have all these animals and chores to take care of at home.  My 32 year old horse is very demanding for attention, the two goats remind me that all animals need love and attention and the 12 dogs thought that I had really neglected them.  My horse is at the stage in her life where she is not chewing well so chews the grass a long time then spits out what she cannot swallow.  She does not mind at all leaving the half eaten grass in her water bucket either.
Thursday at the classroom, I visited with the ladies at the health food store and treated several people before we had our discussions in the classroom,  very productive, in my opinion. 
Friday was another catch up day, researching what was discussed in class and other 'stuff' that needed a bit of research. I also worked a bit on learning how to use my little acupuncture machine more effective so I can  use it to increase healing for some people.  Yesterday was really fun and productive, as my family was preparing an evening meal for the guys at Souls Harbor Mission (housing for men in transition), I visited with the men and tried to give some advice that would increase their possibilities of getting back to leading a productive life.This is the sort of thing that I love to do and just cannot understand that when people become "depressed" or sad, why do they not understand that it would help them a great deal if they would just go help someone else and "get out of themselves" out of that mode where they are just thinking about themselves.  
As they say: we should all be making lemonade out of those lemons of our life.  I have a few myself.
As usual I am getting too upset and need to hush and go make someone happy, including myself............. 

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