Saturday, August 22, 2015

I have to share

                          I have to write!                                                                                              

                                                                                                                                                 I have to write!  Have you ever felt like you can accomplish nothing else until you a started a project?,  I must start writing and I will.

As I start I have my little electron gizmo on on my face to improve my eyesight, I have a soft, cold laser on the tooth that I cracked this morning and I have just used my little Guardian to “upright” my body by electronically placing my energy into itselt.  I took my Asea and also sprayed it on my face in order to reset the cells in my body and all of this so I can remain well in all parts of me: mind body and soul.

Last year at my 80th birthday party, I gave away my little book, “The Reinvention of you and Me” and since then I have kept studying and learning how to be well and stay well.  I continue to teach classes and coach others on the art of being well and I do not charge for any of my “advice”.  Wonderful things will happen in your life if you start out the morning in your kitchen: drink a glass of water with apple cider vinegar added, a little bit of Tumeric in a Tablespoon of Honey,   a pinch of baking soda added to ½ glass of water, oil pull with coconut oil, brush your teeth and tongue with coconut oil and baking soda. Eat a tablespoon of molasses, do an eye wash, etc., etc., etc.

There is no one who cannot benefit from bathing or doing a foot soak in Epson salt water.  Time in an infrared sauna and a good massage will always add to your wellness.  I continue to believe that the very most effective healing modality is laughing and playing!!

The next best thing that you can do: walk barefoot on the great earth and that is FREE. Deep breathing, from your belly, is also free and I can show you with my oxygen meter how great deep breathing is for you. 

If you want to hear a few, NO statements:  No added sugar, No sodas, No vaccines, No radiation,  No negarive attitude, No negative people in your life, No couch potato, No unfiltered water, No microwave, No plastic, …If that is not enough nos, I will add more.

Yes: Use coconut oil and butter for cooking,  Drink filtered/structured water, Eat non GMO food, Don’t eat from can or box (less processed food).  Stimulate brain and body, Volunteer,  rescue a pet, think of others and less about yourself, Socialize, Have one close friend, walk barefoot, outdoors at least 15 minutes each day, massage, infrared sauna, chiropractor, Bowenwork, Noaanetics, Domancic Bio energy treatments, find a hobby that you love, make your job into one you love or find one that you love,  keep busy, rest/sleep in a dark room every night. Meditate, exercise your body and do yoga, tai chi, or qigong.  Expand your world and get o know new people frequently, Have a great spiritual life, not a religious life; really not the same.  Develop a great understanding of other people even though you disagree with them.  Do productive things, even if you are unable to do all things, if you can move a finger or speak, you can do something that is productive. 

You can be well whether you are rich or poor,  If insurance pays for something, it is not usually good for you because the way the world is today, greed runs most corporations and organizations so insurance is not paying for what is really important for your wellness.

I like using the barter system: if I have something you want, what do you have that you can trade… I believe that the people who are not wealthy are going to have to learn to barter in order to live a good life.

What is your passion?  My passion is improving the wellness and happiness of people and animals.  I really believe that everyone can be well if they give their body the tools it needs to be well, we have self healing bodies and we need to learn how to help our body, mind and spirit be it’s very best.

I am continuing every day to learn of very effective healing modalities and I get so energized by this learning.  Dr. Lee Cowden continues to inspire me and teach me; I have to find the money for his conferences and find out if I can learn directly from him.  My favorite cancer physician, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez died suddenly recently and I already miss his great information.

Last week I wrote out some daily plans for wellness and I also am developing a Reinvent Your Life class plans.  I, of course, add to and change both those frequently.

The step by step daily wellness plan looks like this:

My litte suggestion notes: Do as much as you can….

½ cup of honey mixed with 1 tablespoon of Turmeric, this will last several days.

Mix 1 teaspoon of the turmeric/honey mix in cup of warm water or tea each day.

Put 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in warm water  and drink every morning.

1 teaspoon of cinnamon ond 1 tablespoon of raw honey in cup of warm water or tea every day. 

B12 liquid daily under the tongue, be certain that it is the correct B12 and be certain that you have adequate Folate (no folic acid),

Check for correct amino acids that you might need.

Detox drops or caps

Parasite cleanse

Pure Aloe vera  and Pure Noni Juice twice a day 1 oz of each every morning and every night.

Olive Leaf Extract 500 mgm. Daily

Iodine (Lugols) as directed. If your body needs it.

Do Gallbladder Colon Cleanse when it its convenient there are two good programs one with apple juice/olive oil/lemon juice and Epson salts. The other one is using special beans There is a website: Rapid home remedies that gives some good suggestions

Moringa  2 caps daily

Diatomaceous Earth 2 caps twice a day


Epson salts foot soaks or full bath 30 minutes 3 times a week

Vitamin D caps daily at least 5000 units

Sit outdoors with bare feet on the ground at least 15 minutes each day.

Meditation is critical, do qigong, yoga, tai chi or other energy/meditative exercises daily

Sleep in complete darkness

Use only coconut oil or real preferably cultured, butter for cooking

No Wheat pasta or bread unless the bread is sprouted seed bread.

No processed sugar or artificial sweeteners

No Sodas or bottled/canned energy drinks

Drink coffee or tea without sugar or artificial sweeteners, it would be good to add fresh lemon to the tea or water

Drink at least 8 large glasses of pure water every day go to bed well hydrated

Each of the supplements mentioned must test positive for your energy system or they will be ineffective and a waste of money.

There are a lot of additional supplements and healing modalities that might work with you if you already have disease in your body.

I drink raw milk, you may not want to drink milk but raw milk has all the digestive enzymes in it and the cows who give up their milk for me are wonderful cows who know their names, graze on a pasture that has not been treated with insect repellants, etc.  They drink from a spring that structures itself by running over stones and I know the family who raised the cows and cares for them.  They also make wonderful butter and cheese curds that tastes great.

When I drink any of my concoctions it is from a beautiful stemmed glass and I celebrate each one. I try to make a party from everything. For breakfast this morning I had a slice of flax seed sprouted bread, toasted, topped with some fermented cabbage/kraut, on top of that I added an egg that had been cooked with coconut oil/ onion/garlic/green sweet pepper/ sprinkled with turmeric, Himalayan salt and black pepper last step is slice of fresh organic tomato. I always place it on a china plate and enjoy every bite.

Sing, dance, dream, laugh and play…EVERY DAY!

You may bring a baby food jar full of your first morning urine to the classroom on Monday or Thursday and we will make you a homeopathic supplement to drink. While there we can treat you with the cold laser for your yeast and fungus, etc.

I make good use of my cold laser for improving brain function and many other organs are improved with PEMF and cold laser therapy.  I use the microcurrent for improving my vision.

If I had funds I would purchase more effective microcurrent and laser machines.  I also need more training on my remedy maker and Eagle gardian machines I plan to pursue more training in these areas of healing I am re reading Dr. Cowden’s book on energy medicine but it is temporarily loaned out for a few days. I would like to feel more comfortable using the emotion code; just not enough time in the day.

I love the program of “Ask and Receive” that I am practicing at this time and need to feel more comfortable convincing people to use it. 

I love using a Squatty Potty for aiding in having good bowel movements and I use my Blaster for doing smoothies, making soups, etc.

I NEVER use a microwave or drink from plastic, I avoid eating from a can or any food that has been in a metal can and love to have bone broth in my refrigerator or freezer, very inexpensive to make and very good for digestion or whatever ails you…

I filter and structure my drinking water and my shower water and I write words of kindness on the glass bottles that I drink from, may sound crazy but it works for me!

I believe that you can make yourself ill just by being stressed out about eating correctly, DO NOT stress out about doing everything correct, your body unless it has a chronic illness, can adjust to a few meals that are not generally good for you and a few fast food meals, just enjoy and appreciate, being thankful that you have a self healing body mind and spirit.

If you have a job: be happy with your job or make it into the job that you want it to be, if you cannot do that start preparing yourself for that dream job and go for it!

Remember every minute of your life that you and only you are responsible for your life and you are not responsible for any other persons decisions in life; if you are not happy YOU can make You happy, no one else can make you happy or healthy.

We are all unique individuals and I am so happy that I am the only one of me, how about you, are you happy that you are the only one of you?  What is good for me may not be good for you, and what is good for others may not be good for you or me.  Listen to your body and let your universe tell you what you need to do…

There are some basic information that you and everyone else need to follow but we all have to make the decision to work at things we need and want and let the rest fly to the moon… I am a very competitive person and I don’t like being defeated so I am passionate about not letting any little “qurik” in my body mind or spirit defeat me; just as I was in board games as a child.  I had to quit doing some computer games, such a Freecell because I could not easily give it up; I told myself that I had more productive things that I needed to do so completely quit; cold turkey.  You may not have that addictive personality and can play a few every day, I could not, so I quit…

Be Happy, Yes you can, Yes you can, Yes you can!!!!

Remember rule number 1 to 1000 is to laugh, play and be happy. 

To be continued…………

Some great experts to learn from:

Dr. Lee Cowden                                              Dr. Robert Rowen

Dr. Garry Gordon                                           David Wolfe

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez                                 Dr. Norm Shealy

Dr. Edward Kondrot                                     Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Dr. Stephanie Seneff                                    Dr. David Brownstein

Dr.Stephen Sinatra                                       Dr. Julian Whitaker

Dr. Tom Cowan                                              Dr. Joan Verniquos

Dr. David Perlmutter                                    The King Institute

Weston A. Price                                             Dr. Rashid Buttar

Dr. Calvin Bey                                                  Dr. Jonathan Wright
Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine               ETC.          

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