Saturday, August 8, 2015

Just had to blog a bit.  I went Fayetteville today, Lonna took me, and taped a radio show for Dr. Tammy. I loved it but as most of you know, I do not have an easy to find, stop button; start button easy to find but stopping me from talking is a problem.  They will probably have to delete most of what I said.  But I really enjoyed it as I enjoy anytime when I can promote holistic wellness.  I hope I can find the time and date that it will be on the radio.  If there is a next time, I will hope to do better.  
I am reading the latest book written by, Dr. Lee Cowden and hope I can get it read tonight, I think it will become a reference book.  All of his books turn into reference books but I also want to share them.  
Lonna cut my hair today so hopefully my soft laser that I use for my brain exercises will penetrate better: I will be so much smarter next week???? 

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