Monday, May 5, 2014

Progress on the Reinvention of ME

As I start a new week, I have to do a little review and take a look at what I achieved last week.  Progress is slow but visible; makes it easier to march forward.
Walked through a craft fair on Sunday afternoon without a purchase, now that is real progress in my attempt to not adding to my clutter.  Lots of really great artisans and I admire them for sharing their great talents, but I do not need any more clutter in my life.
When I attended the Farmers' market on Saturday, I only brought home stuff that I will eat this week.  I did enjoy visiting with some very great farmers and I felt much better about life when I got home with my raw milk and fresh free range eggs. Also purchased some fresh veggies and cheese curds.
  I also celebrate May third because my Social Security check appeared in my bank account so I could order some necessities of life that are consumable and necessary for my wellness.  I really need to invest in a dumpster to get rid of my 'trash' more quickly but I will put that off until the next 3rd of the month celebration.  Because of the expense of gas I am trying to cut down on the "run to town and get stuff" trying to combine the trips so I do not have to purchase gas for the old car.  I will have to go to town tomorrow to get animal food and some soil for some container gardens. 
Just to keep me on tract, I am going to start a list of people to invite to my 80th birthday party in October, to celebrate the new reinvented ME.

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