Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I must admit that I have not been at my best, something to do with my attitude; I must change.  I have been doing more study and have changed some of my goals.  I, also, have resolved to delete wheat from my nutrition program.  I don't usually eat much but I am going to be more aware of what I am consuming.  Because of the new documentary: Fed Up, many people are getting rid of added sugar but I think that since I eat little sugar; wheat is a problem.  I am also being more consistent with my daily routines for my wellness: doing the morning oil pull, doing my early morning eye wash, adding Himalayan or sea  salt to my first glass of water: doing Qigong every day, using MMS for my mouthwash, keeping a "10 most important things" list daily and I am going to make an effort to charge for my coaching services, consistently. 
I had a great time having lunch with my friend, CC, yesterday am going to Calvin's garden tour on Saturday afternoon and the first week-end in June, Lonna and I are going to have a weekend in Kansas City and see some Royals baseball; those activities will make my social life more complete and I know it will improve my attitude and my emotional health. 

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