Friday, May 9, 2014

Going down memory lane

I often have a flood of memories concerning a trip that my sister, Frankie gave me many, many years ago.  I have had lots of traveling since but none have been as important to me.  She and her husband, Larry, took me with them to Florida.  My very first trip to Florida and Disney.  As we entered the gates tears flowed from my eyes and I can still recall the great feeling that overcame me at that moment. I can even recall the smells on Clearwater Beach the day we spent on the beach.  It was such a great gift to me and I do not think a week passes that I do not think of that week.  We shopped; did not buy much, sat on the beach (my first time in the ocean), walked across the drawbridge, went to sea world and Disney world, all in all such great memories from more than a quarter of a century ago.    I have made many trips since but I will never have a week like that week.  Thanks to my baby sister, Frankie, for making memories for me and adding positive things to my life. 

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