Sunday, July 6, 2014

No sleep again last night because there are still people setting off fireworks and the animals were so disturbed, I did have essential oils applied to the dogs and thunder shirts but some of them are just so full of anxiety, especially the big black lab who is sleeping over at my house.  He just has a bad time and after a while even though the fireworks stop he and I just can't seem to get to sleep. He is sleeping this morning and will go home today.  One of the problems with me is the fact that I am angry that people would waste their money on such things and enjoy the very temporary happiness that it gives them.  Why not tell your children that we are spending the fireworks money at the Farmers Market and giving the food to a needy family; I will bet that would give a lot more happiness to the children and to the family who received the food.  It would provide lasting memories. 
I guess that I am a bit upset because as I read messages on facebook, I find so many self centered people that the few bits of encouragement and news is overshadowed by these people.  When I start reading Facebook, I almost give it up until I find the bits and pieces of information that makes me grateful that there is a Facebook, I suppose I will keep reading it, just for those 'bits and pieces'..
Some old acquaintances that I have not heard from or seen in a long time did friend me so I am grateful to get back in touch.
I am so grateful for the beautiful songs I am hearing from the birds this morning and the nice fresh air that is coming through my front door.  So wonderful...

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