Monday, July 14, 2014

Just gotta write

It has been about a week since I wrote on the blog; have ranted a bit on the Facebook page but sometimes I need a larger forum.
Today, I am again appalled when I hear people speak about following their physicians orders and not thinking for themselves.  I am also very upset that we have so many non thinkers as physicians.  I see them mess up so many lives; just wish there were more that I could trust and have my clients and friends visit.  It would be unthinkable to think that they could take up a bit of the holistic route and check for sensitivities before they prescribe, or discuss what the patient is thinking or even team up with the alternative healers.. 
There are so many brain washed people: thinking that tap water is ok, all produce is the same, the doctor knows best, etc. etc.  A couple of generations of people have ruined their health with the bad information from the medical world: Low fat, no eggs, GMO foods, Fluoride water, extreme exercise, diet drinks, msg added, heavy metals in vaccines, vaccines added each year so now a very young baby is bombarded with 10 times the vaccines that were given even 50 years ago, wearing shoes from morning until bedtime, a prescription for every symptom, mindset that every minute of the day should be filled with activity, religion replaced spirituality, etc., etc., etc.  
The dogs are napping already (8 am), the livestock have filled their bellies and are relaxing in the shade of the trees, the cats are curled up on the deck but I would feel guilty if I curled up with a good book this early in the morning, even thoug I have been up and busy since 5 am. 

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