Monday, December 15, 2014


Twenty Seven years ago, a lady from Bella Vista Community Church ask that I help her put together luncheons once a month for the women who were, Solos, living without a mate.  We planned it and started the luncheon the first Saturday of each month, a few years later we changed it to the 2nd  Saturday to avoid having it on the day that my daughter, Penny, was getting married.
At first when I was doing it, before my family took it over, I made centerpieces, planned a program, take home napkin rings, fixed the food and served it, etc.  After the luncheon and as we were cleaning up, many of the women played cards and had more coffee, hot tea and ice tea. 
Last week because of so many conflicts in schedules and no one to carry on the planning, it was discontinued.
My granddaughter has been in attendance and helping the family since birth, the ladies have watched her grow up, go to college and get married.
Attendance is about half the number it was when we started and had only 27 women last week.  When we started I made cloth napkins and we always used them, had 50 Christmas napkins, the red ones we could use for February, May, June, July and September as well as Christmas. The green ones could be used in March or for spring. We always had a prize for someone, the person might just have a lucky napkin or a note under their plate.  It was fun while it lasted....

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