Sunday, July 24, 2011

Am listening to "brain enhancing" sounds this morning. When I hung out the wash this morning I decided that it was a "stay inside" day. I think Rambo and Lala will go home today, not certain but it will be good because Lala is displacing everything in the house because she is looking for the cat. She is so focused on the cat that she does not see what she is displacing to get there.
I have more wash to do because Domino is still alive and is constantly urinating in her bed. Because of the odor, I have to change the bedding really often. I am grateful that things dry very rapidly outdoors.
Lots of research on the computer this morning; it started with the bittermelon that Lonna brought from the farmer's market. I had heard mention of it in the natural health info so looked up all the benefits this morning and then something else came up, etc. etc. By the way, I am glad it has health benefits because it tastes terrible to me. Will have to try it in vinegar to get some of the bitterness out. It is listed in the "diabetic cures" in my info.
More wash ready to hang out......

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