Sunday, July 31, 2011

I had a great day yesterday: went to the Farmer's Market and met so many nice people, bought some fruits and veggies, talked, gave a way a couple of books and had a really good time. I am so grateful for those people who work so hard to provide us with good healthy food. Lonna and I then went to visit my friend Pat and take her some of our fresh produce, some reading material and a new shirt that we bought from my friend Mary at the Market. Pat had other visitors that were seeking answers for health issues and of course I was happy to talk to them and give away some more books. When we got home we had some of that produce for lunch,,,,such great peaches.
No rain so I put some water on my trees that I have to save and watched my baseball games. More winning than loosing, for a change. I am grateful that it is a bit cooler this morning because some of the surrounding towns did get a shower yesterday. I have been doing some research on Alkaline Water today and also finishing the research of Ellen's prescription drugs, makes me sad that there are physicians that sell people all those drugs and never mention the supplements; fish oil, CoenzymeQ10, B12, D3, etc. etc. When are they going to wake up? .......................

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