Saturday, July 23, 2011

Zoey came this morning and as usual it was a really great welcoming by all the dogs. Domino is still hanging on to life, laying quietly in the living room by the water, drinks but will not eat. I spoke with Ellen this morning, will meet her @ Hawkins Wellness Center on Thursday. I am doing some research on supplements today with the help of Barky, Zoey and Rambo; so helpful. Waiting for Lonna to bring stuff from the Farmer's Market. I am so grateful that there is a breeze this morning so we spent a bit more time outdoors then I must be grateful for the "Kool" house and happy animals. Milt called yesterday to plan the mission trip to Joplin for post tornado clean up; will go the August 1 and 2; Monroe and Quincy will be here on the 3rd so I will have to be home with them the rest of the week. We are hoping for cooler weather by then????

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