Thursday, October 27, 2011

My, oh my, it has been several days since I used this mode of socialization.  I have been busy getting ready for winter and doing fun stuff.  Spent some time yesterday at Studio 7 art show, met old friends and made new ones.  A really fun time! I am going to Hawkins wellness to help John today and probably tomorrow, if he wants me.  My friend Perry brought me some hay on Tuesday and the goats are having a lot of fun on the bales, Jake jumping from one bale to the other, great fun to watch him.  We got new mobile phones from a company who gives to organizations I like. Kept mine almost the same because I don't want to text or use lots of aps.  Lonna and Jill got some real upgrades so they can use the texting and the aps.
I am listening to a Cancer Summit this week and downloading the audios, lots of good alternative treatments and I really enjoy learning about them.

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