Saturday, October 15, 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning, Oh what a beautiful day! 
Cherokee found a forever home, I think, I did tell her new mom to bring her back if she did not work with their family.  I know she will be happy and she is only a couple of miles away from me.
Because it is cool weather I just finished my oatmeal breakfast, Oatmeal, Salba, Honey, Cinnamon, nuts, 1/8 teaspoon on Nopal powder and cream of tarter; all blended with coconut oil.  I of course, had some supplements before I ate the oatmeal: Protandim, Laminine, StemEnhance, eye combo and Ron Teagarden's Super Pill 2.  Now my body is renewed for the day!
The wash is already out on the clothes line, all the animals are fat and happy and I am listening to some informative webinars. Grateful for such a great day!

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