Monday, October 3, 2011

I finally got back into this blog, I will bet that I set at least 12 new passwords.
It is a beautiful day but a bit cool on my bare feet.  I continue to look for hay for my livestock; can't find any so I am shaking the trees to get leaves for my goats and horse to eat and feeding more grain.  I have called every number and every Ad that I can find and still; no hay.
Spent the day with sports on tv and also heard Bill Clinton's speech on C-span; so great!
Today I am working on my todo list as it has been getting longer and longer.  Lonna here last night and has URI symptoms; has not been taking care of herself so I had to start treating her with my remedies. There will be a cat riot if I don't go get cat food today, they do like to eat....

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