Saturday, October 29, 2011

I am listening to my Cancer summit webinar from last night, could not watch last night because I was watching my Cards and Rangers @ the World Series.  Really enjoying hearing Marcus Frudenmann in the 4th night of the Healing Cancer Summit.  I agree with him, how about that I don't agree with people very quickly. 
I spent time with Hawkins Wellness yesterday met old friends and made new ones, as usual.  I think I helped a few people with their health problems.  I enjoyed seeing my friends, Dr. Bernadine and Charlie, always a great experience seeing them and will make a special time with them next week.  I have to go see the open house for the Northwest Arkansas Fencing Organization and will see friends there I know.  My animals have missed me this week so we spent a bit more time in the warm bed this morning just lovin...
A lovely cool fall morning and as it warms up I must spend some time in the sun. I must express my gratitude for the great opportunities God provides for me to help others and I am also so grateful that I am able to take advantage of all the experts and their learning, I love being a purveyor of the wisdom of others..
I wish for everyone a happy and well day.....

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