Friday, October 7, 2011

I had a great evening; Dr. Bernadine invited me to eat with her and Charlie in the home of Dr. Norm Smith's family in Bella Vista.  I really enjoyed it; talked too much and ate too much but had a great time getting acquainted with the Smiths and learning from the Dr.  I do love learning!! A wonderful birthday gift from Bernadine, all in all a perfect evening...
I have less worry now because I got a bale of hay for my animals.  Had another worry yesterday because my friend Cindy's husband had a heart problem and is in the hospital.  Will learn more today, just wish people would listen to me and be well.  
I guess I do not project the correct persona the only thing I project is the sign: "Walk on Me, I rebound easily".  Jill will be coming over this morning and I think I will be going to lunch with my daughters.  Hope to drop by Hawkins wellness this afternoon and see my friend Tania for a few minutes and may get by the spring to get some water...My dogs missed me last evening so they are ready for some extra love and massaging today, need to hang out wash also..

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