Tuesday, November 25, 2014

my animal world

I hear from my friend Tamera yesterday and she will need to leave her dogs here for a couple of days so that will be 3 more very nice large dogs.  Kobe a black lab comes today and will be a good match for Gomer.  I got Annamaria's 3 little ones yesterday, such cute dogs, did have to comb and put diatomaceous earth on them. Got a call from Barkie and they are leaving today and will need Lonna to pick her up.  So: 11 mine, Ebola makes 12, Debbie's 3 makes 15, Gomer 16, Anna Maria's 3 make it 19, Kobe 20, Barkie 21, Tamera 3 will make the total for Thanksgiving dinner of 24.  Wall to wall dogs, all great. Hopefully, I will get paid enough to get a little storage building so I can clear a lot of stuff from my house.  Then more decluttering will be accomplished.  I am hoping to really get much more done in the next month.  

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