Sunday, November 23, 2014

it has been a few days...

I have been adding a lot of download 'stuff' but have not written on the blog in a while.  
Thanksgiving holiday has started; I have 4 extra sleepover dogs and get 3 more tomorrow and one more on Tuesday with the probability of having 3 more on Wednesday and Thursday.   I do not plan to get anything done or any sleep. Dogs are sweet but a big load on my little house.  
I have a friend who is having lots of health problems, even though she has been treated by the traditional medical system she continues to develop more problems.  Another friend needs lots of attention and is causing lots of symptoms because she is lonely and worried about herself.  I wish we had good alternative medical care in our area. 
My car has been giving me lots of problems so I have not been able to get out and about much to visit clients and friends. I have been missing that in my life. The car has been declared terminal and since it was bought way back in the '90's, I guess it is rather tired of being used.  Can't get out this week because of all the sleepover dogs.  I do plan to be out and about next week, weather permitting. I have friends who are selling all their property and moving to Mexico; I would too, if I were 10 years younger.  I absolutely hate, despise, and greatly displeased with, cold weather.   

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