Friday, November 28, 2014

Explanation of symptoms that are called diseases

I have an opinion on just about everything but with all my research, I think my ideas are correct.
What we are calling disease is dis-ease in our body.  Cancer, heart disease, etc. is the way our bodies tell us that we need to change something that we are allowing to happen in our bodies.  In the case of cancer it may be our diet, the air we are breathing, the water we are drinking, the way we are NOT moving our bodies,  We can change our diet and give our body what it needs to repair, we can change the water we are drinking, etc.  We may need help in the repairing phase but our bodies are made to heal and given the correct stuff it will repair.  Always ask the right people, not someone who is dealing with "this is the protocol that we use for everyone with these symptoms", those are the people who will kill you.  Your body probably needs to detox, move, get the correct nutrition for YOUR body, not the body of the masses, but your body.  Start listening to your body and learn how to hear what it is telling you and your body can heal. 
All of you that are saying: "I hate cancer" you are not thinking.  Cancer is just giving you the warning that you need to listen to your body and help it heal.  Don't say; I hate, because whatever  your problem is, you must say thanks for giving me the warning signs and the ability to help my body heal. 
I have dealt with a lot of people who had cancer since the '70's and the ones that got well were the ones who were willing to learn and to change..  They are also the ones that took charge and did not let someone else make their decisions for them. 

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