Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Living one day at a time

I am at this time just, living each day without thinking too much about what is coming because; winter is nearing and once again I must think about how I am going to survive it.  Each year I think that by some miracle, I will find a home for my livestock and some of my dogs but the reason I have them is because no one wants them.  It is difficult for me to care for the goats and horse because; the water freezes, it snows and the ice comes and they have to be fed and water has to be available for them.  Buying hay for them is a problem and they cannot live without hay. 
Anyway, if I think ahead, I could become depressed.  I need to put on my colored glasses, I think yellow is the right one for now.  
The video I saw this morning was fascinating and I expanded my learning by getting more information on the subjects I had already studied.  It is so good when you can learn more info on stuff that you have heard before.  I can't believe that everyone else is not interested in learning.  It amazes me that most people are just satisfied with the status quo and are not interested in learning more.  The political elections finished yesterday and it is hard to believe the garbage that others believe and follow along as if they are hypnotized or brain washed at this time I do believe that if I were 10 years younger, I would move to another country.  I do not feel an allegiance to 'my country' at all.   because it is not my country, it belongs to greedy politicians who cannot let the truth enter their lives.  The politicians have sold their lives to 'the devils'.  
I think that I have ranted enough and must shut up....

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