Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cost of my wellness program

If you know me, you know that I am really into free or almost free.  My wellness program could be done almost free, you do have to plan and do a bit of research. I consistently take 2 supplements, all natural, no added chemicals, real food: Moringa is a tree, some third world countries say that it grows in their country to enable the people to be strong and healthy, I purchase mine from a very pure company online: where I also purchase my other basic: Diatomaceous Earth capsules, this supplement keeps my skeleton strong and keeps all the bad bugs from my digestive system.  Together these two supplements cost less than $15 a month.  I purchase my MMS from the same company and I can use it for about $5 a month.  The organic coconut oil is about $5 a month and I did not mention it yesterday but I do an Epson Salt foot bath a couple of times a week for only a few pennies.  You can learn Qigong and also Donna Eden's Energy system.  Qigong classes in Bentonville are free on Saturday.  My eyewash consists usually of structured water with a drop of Willards Water added to it. Willards water is a great supplement that I add to my animal's water to keep them strong, I also add it to any water I drink. My eye exercises are free, I made my own and only purchased my pinhole glasses for a few dollars. I worked for my biomat and my full body exercise machine but there are inexpensive ones on, this is a super online company located in Fayetteville and the family who owns it, just great people.  I have a huge wish list on their site including a portable infrared sauna.  I structure my water through a portable filter which I traded services for plus a little cash so I could also have one in my shower, it will last a lifetime and the benefits are tremendous, earthing and/or going barefoot outdoors is free and probably the most beneficial thing I do.  Laughing and playing is another very beneficial thing that is, FREE.  I believe that one trip to the doctor or hospital would cost me more than my whole year of natural care. Some things I do is because it is cost effective, but most of the things I do is because I do not ever want to be in pain or unable to do what I want.  I tweak my program every day to see what I need to do to stay well and happy and then "just do it".  If I had to choose to eat nothing but cheap beans and  have my biomat, etc. I would do it.  It is all the choices we make.  Most people will spend more on one night of entertainment than I spend on a structured water filter, just a choice I make..  
I do think that it is worth the cost to have massage, Bowenwork, biofeedback, etc. but unless I get it free or cheap, I do not do it, if I had a real problem I would use those plus other healing modalities.

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