Saturday, January 17, 2015

I will shout from the rooftops, that magic car is so great and I am so grateful for her. 
i rented space (will make the rent from my class members who are so generous) and now have space for people to come for "wellness".  My class met, everyone welcome, on Thursday and I did not get through my class plan because of the great exchange of ideas: Ann, Ann, Doris, Pat, Susan, Carmen, Janet, etc. all came together for discussion and it was great. Bennie was there earlier for elimination of allergies.. Today I am going to purchase an easy chair so that I can place my biomat in it and let people use it and I have my meditation tapes set up also along with the color kit, the vision improvement kit, etc. I also have lots of audios/videos and books for borrowing.  I will keep adding stuff and plan on using the allergy kit to eliminate a lot of allergies. 
I got a Thio free, toxic free, ammonia free hair perm, Sara Lou allowed me to care for Rocky through the holidays so we could barter services. I look more alert, taller, etc. because I have a bit of curl on my head.  
On Tuesday I had a healing session with my friend Laura and I have started my course in Novanetics that I got from Doug.  My friend Nancy made it to her new home in Mexico and CC is almost on her way to Thailand. 
I was trying to purchase folding chairs of my classroom and just happened to run into my friends: Ted and Katy Morter and he had chairs for me, really nice stacking chairs, wasn't it "lucky" for me to meet them just at that time?
I truly appreciate the opportunities I am being given. I will start by being there at the classroom on Monday and Thursday but if you would like to meet me there, just call: 479-366-4306..

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