Friday, January 9, 2015

Moving forward

Met with some members of my class yesterday, I really enjoyed seeing them again.  I have made the decision to rent classroom space in the former Rogers Natural Foods building.  The store has new ownership and has changed the name to: Pure Vitamins and Vittles, the building is also home for a couple of Massage Therapists and I will have space for the class, some of my healing modalities and place for people to come for allergy elimination, etc.  I am excited about this new adventure and even though it will be a longer drive than I wanted, it is excellent space.  Monday I will be finalizing the deal and feel confident that I can continue not to charge fees but can have enough donations to pay the rent. If you know someone who has a healing modality and needs a place to meet clients, just let them know that I might be able to help.  I hope to have class there next Thursday if I can gather up a few chairs for them to sit on... or we could just bring pillows and sit on the floor..??   

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  1. We could just bring our own chairs! This is exciting news, Freddie!! I am excited for you as you unfold the process. It will be life-changing for many.