Friday, January 2, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new..

I am ready for a new beginning, I will completely change my vision board and vision statement today because the number one thing on the 2014 board was, a new car and it happened through the generosity of many and much work for a couple of people. 
Hopefully, many of you are starting wellness routines that will make great positive change in your life. 
Here is a bit of the routines that I do to keep myself well and up and going: Sometimes when I say that I do something daily, it does not mean that I do it every day, the fact is that I do it most every day because life does not 'enjoy" perfect planning.  I do try to do an oil pull (place coconut oil in my mouth and swish while I am doing other things) I try to swish and spit it out in about 10-15 minutes.  I then use MMS and wash my mouth and brush my teeth with it, this heals any problems in my mouth and kills any pathogens in my mouth and throat.  I work a Qigong routine or a Donna Eden Energy routine into my morning. I almost always do my eye wash and during the day I do my eye healing routine. One of the things that I am working on; a meditation program and at this time I do a recorded program.  At sometime during the day, I wear the colored glasses that will help me make the most of my day: today it is, yellow because it is associated with cheerfulness, mental clarity, inspiration, etc.  I take only the supplements that my body says it needs and I also drink only filtered, structured water.  My computer or my DVD player has a webinar or music going most of the day, if I am at home. If the weather is not below freezing, I will spend at least 30 minutes walking on the earth barefoot or sometimes I sit outside with my feet on the ground as I comb my dogs, etc.
I know that I have been told, "it is not productive to multi task" but when I am doing my routines I am doing other things and feeling productive.  If  I watch TV, I will probably be doing some of these things or exercising on my full body vibration machine.  I can also watch TV or listen  to a webinar while I am spending time on my infra red mini biomat.  I can also do meditation while lying on the mat or reading. When I am swishing oil, I am fixing coffee, feeding my animals, etc. Every day I am faithful to writing, journaling, etc. 
Most important, allow for creative changes in your routing.  Enjoy spontaneity in your day, week, month or year.  The greatest things happen when you do not follow strict routines.  Follow your heart, third eye, intuition and have fun.  The greatest thing you can do for your wellness is, laugh and play...... Have Fun!!

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