Friday, January 30, 2015

I have really been researching, looking for a book and ordered it on Amazon but found that they don't have it so I am having to order it from another vendor.  I have tried to get it from its source but their website is under construction. Tried to call the company but could not get a return call.  I did order the book: Electronic Medicine Cure for Cancer by: Alan Stang.  I have also been trying to find more information on the Remedy Maker so that I can make better use of the Electronic Medicine, I found a Dr. and have left a message for him to call me, he is out of the office on Friday.  I am also looking into my bank of information for information for the care of dogs and have been busy, just not very productive.  I sent a video on the post before this one that I gained a lot of info from and have been listening to more of them. My mind is going wild and I am going to take a run with my dogs in the wonderful sunshine before it leaves us...

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