Monday, August 1, 2011

Grateful for my little house and air conditioning!!

I just spent a very hot tiring day in Joplin, MO helping clean up following the storms; also worked some at the distributing center. So hot! Lots of great people there working, volenteering and working so hard in the heat. Most were a great deal younger than I am but still using time that could be spent in airconditioning playing games. I really admire volunteers and really appreciate the ways they are impoving the lives of others at their expense. I will spend tomorrow helping my friend Pat and not go back as I have found a cause closer to home. I will also go the Hawkins Wellness and detox, I need it and I need to hydrate with some better water. Took Barky home today so I will have, "just my dogs" tonight. Wednesday Quincy and Monroe will be coming for a few days.

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