Sunday, November 6, 2011

I am grateful that dayligt savings time has passed and I will not have to take the flashlight out to feed my animals.  I am a bit upset that "some people" think they know what is best for me including telling me to get rid of my farm animals.  I don't know why "they" cannot let me make my own decisions and if I want to live with animals, I should be allowed to do so! Now that I have said my peice I will tell you that I did find a home for my two large goats and I regret it, I do not feel comfortable with the people who took them.  I have a man coming to see my little Jacob and JR today and if I don't feel comfortable with him, I don't care how much he wants them, I am not letting them go to a home that is not better then mine.  I have made the decision that Janet my old mare and Jessie my old billy will always be with me until they "kick the bucket" because noone would be as kind and patient as I am with them, no matter what "they" say..
I hope you got the idea that I am unhappy, because I am. I will cheer up soon and get back on track for living my best life..My cell phone is working again and I will be more comfortable, now that I can always "reach out and touch someone".

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