Thursday, October 30, 2014

my daily life

Today it is a typical fall day and I decided that since I have no commitments for today, I will just learn and practice what I am learning.
Starting out the day with my usual tasks feeding and care of my animals, etc. but at the same time I am listening to some subliminal audios, in order to get my mind on positive thoughts and I put on my tinted glasses to improve my attitude, yellow for clarity, cheerfulness and inspiration.  I will later change to indigo for serenity and imagination, etc.  
After the oil pull, eye wash and MMS mouth wash I read e-mail and listened to a new webinar by Greg March, my vision/eye guru so that I can refresh my knowledge on my daily eye protocol. I also did a bit of tapping to relax my eye muscles. 
Renewed my little vials on my remedy maker and placed them in my pockets and around my neck.  
My full body exercise machine beckoned me to exercise after spending my relaxation session in the sunshine outdoors with my animals.
During the day I spent 1 hour on the infrared biomat as I listened to more subliminal audios and changed to red glasses to increase; Vitality, self confidence, courage and power.
Important things such as house chores and laundry had to be done but I was constantly wearing my glasses and listening to audios. 
Now is time for the afternoon care of the animals then I must do my H2O2 foot bath, sometimes I do the Epson salts bath but today I need the extra Oxygen in my body so am using the hydrogen peroxide in the foot bath, while I answer some e-mails and read the trash, etc. that came in the snail mail.  
Preparing for a sleepover dog, Barkie who must stay with me while her family is away for a few days, it will take a while to reintegrate her into the herd that is not anxious for another dog to enter my life again.  While she is settling in, I will read a bit on my Kindle and listen to some more audios on the computer. 
Not a very productive day but I will be refreshed and ready for every day living.   Ready for tomorrow and the commitments I have for the rest of the week.

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