Saturday, December 3, 2011

Had to catch up on my Aromatherapy classes online so did 4 classes in one day, 100% on all 4 and was lead to a lot of new research websites.  I also listened to the cancer cure webinar with Dr. Gonzalas and really enjoyed it.  The webinar reminded me that I am not taking enough pancreatic enzymes and so must order some more.  I do have to check and see how much is in my Stemtech drink.  Dr. Gonzalas is wonderful because he analyzes each person individually and treats each individually, he does not lump everyone in one mold and treat alike. He has some general rules such as eating organically, do a good detox, take pancreatic enzymes and absolutely everyone says you must live a life of forgiveness and gratitude.  Now I have about 20 hours of audio on alternative cancer cures that I listen to but no one else wants to listen, they just want their physician to kill them with chemo and radiation because HE says that is the only treatment.  It is easy for the physician because he knows that most people are easy to "lead to the slaughter"  as if he is a God........

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