Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am very grateful for the busy day I had yesterday and will have to stay home today to catch up.  I had planned to go to the affordable dentist in Springdale to get my dental problem taken care of but, I would have to be there before 8 in the morning and spend the day so have to wait until next week.  I have a temp. fix, just gotta be flexible.  Ludwick, one of my min doxie, has an inflamed toe and will do more aggressive treatments today and get it healed, he is a great guy but does not like his feet touched. I sent a box of books to Eric in the Benton County Jail.  Can't leave messages at the jail, everything has to be mailed, must be some kind of deal the county has with the postal services. It just might be a way of isolating everyone at the jail because very few will go to the trouble and expense of mailing stuff.  I did get a chance to get acquainted with the new Hiwasse post mistress,  a nice lady from Rogers.  I spent some time at the Hawkins wellness and had some learning session in Essential Oils Massage.  Very interesting stuff that I enjoy learning.  On the way home I visited with my friend Carol and my daughter Penny.  That is enough socialization for a while.  As I work about the house, I am learning more about the Essential Oils and really enjoy it.   I do like the company John has hooked up with, do Terra.  I did something Tuesday evening that I have never done, I read a romance/christian novel written by an 85 year old man, because it could be bought as a kindle, I bought it and read it in just one evening. Laurance Stol is from Monett, Mo and lived in Aurora, Mo when I was living in Missouri.  I have not read fiction in a really long time and have not read romance novel since I was a teen ager.  I felt almost sinful, wasting that time.....

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