Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cold but sunny today, just couldn't go out barefoot very long.   Unloaded the car and had to find a spot for all the stuff I did not use yesterday. I did not have cable or internet for several hours this morning so am listening to some DVD's on cancer treatments while I work about the house.  It feels like beans today so I have my pinto beans on the stove so I can have some for lunch. 
I am doing some re evaluating of my use of my time and am going to go in a few other directions.  It is a constant thing for me to re evaluate what is going on with me. 
I am so grateful today for the beautiful sunshine and am also grateful that I have my internet, I am so spoiled, just have a problem not being able to use my Internet.  I am making some notes on the people I met yesterday and trying to be a bit better organized. I watched the program on aetn last night, it is fund raising time, Dr. Fuhrman is a person that I used to gain a lot of info from so now that I heard him again, I spent a great deal of time on his web page last night. 

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