Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have had a great week and had a wonderful day today, helping John @ Hawkins Wellness, I saw lots of friends and met new friends.  Last evening I went to and read all the info, I love it and plan to become involved.  I filled out the survey and found it all very interesting.  I downloaded the manual and have been studying it. 
I have been doing some more writing and also more research.  Rambo and Lala are spending some time in Mema's sleepover, both dogs are happy and playing with my little family of animals.
Have to do some study of more essential oils tonight so have my biomat on and am going to lay on the couch with all the dogs and do some reading. Tomorrow I will have lunch with my friend CC and visit.  We will be discussing what we can do to help Eric in Benton County Jail.

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