Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't tell others how they should live

There are people who think that they are experts and know how everyone else should live, it is upsetting to me especially if they do not know what they are talking about.
Chris is so pleased with himself because he is almost 100% vegan and is proud of his 116 cholesterol, he needs a lesson in why we have cholesterol and why his body needs it badly.  He is upset because even though he takes good care of his body; his vitamin D levels are too low.  Wake up young man! you have to have fats to enable for your body to process those fat soluble vitamins.  He was so proud that he adds very little even veggie fats to his diet, he does not realize how valuable a bit of coconut, nut, or seed oil would be for his overall long term health and wellness.
A couple of generations of wonderful people have been taken over by chronic diseases because we lived in the age of "low/no fat".  Some are still living with those lies even the medical people whom everyone wants to believe in, desperately.  Wish you could but you are the only one responsible for your wellness, so WAKE UP and smell the coffee, do the research , not everyone belongs on a vegan diet, some may but not everyone.  Eat as your ancestors ate, drug free, hormone free, pesticide free, GMO free, etc. etc.  Number one: appreciate your food and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy......

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