Saturday, September 13, 2014

If I had a child that had an emotional problem, I would do a program that looks like this: (I am not a physician so these are only things suggested the I would do)

25 Suggestions that I would follow:

  1. Remove all electronics from bedroom including TV and get EMF protector for room and child to wear at all times
  2. Require him/her to sleep in complete darkness.
  3. Find an integrative physician that will check him/her for heavy metals, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and complete hormone panel.
  4. Do a detox program including zeolite for heavy metals.
  5. Each morning consume a smoothie of foods for full nutrition blended in coconut water
  6. Eat no food that is prepackaged, from a box or a can and no grains unless they are organic and sprouted.
  7. Eat meat, milk and eggs that are free range and organic
  8. Make an appointment for Novanetics and do several sessions with Doug Myrick also make an appointment with bio energy professional: Nancy Mattox.
  9. Bowenwork every 2 weeks with Michael Schreiber 479-435-4334
  10. Learn Qigong, Yoga, Meditation and martial arts and do at least one every morning and night. Take art classes at Studio 7 with Tania. You can join the child in these activities
  11. Purchase structured water unit and make certain that he/she drinks 60-80oz. of pure structured water every day.
  12.  Have food allergies eliminated with NAET or The Allergy Kit expert and have Emotion Code expert eliminate hidden emotions.
  13.  Assign chores to keep him/her busy all through the day.  If chores not done, water not drank or food not eaten…no tv or movies in the evening.
  14.  Make an appointment with Naturopath and integrative physician for further evaluation and testing also probably need a wellness coach to organize and support you in this process. Discuss with coach other modalities that might be helpful.
  15. Spend at least 30 minutes each day outdoors, barefoot or sitting on the ground and take Epson salts bath twice weekly
  16. Might try 5HTP, Sam-e, Magnolia or Native Remedies for herbs that might help with specific symptoms...
  17. Purchase supplements that are indicated on lab tests and give to the child, making certain he takes them even if you need to add to the smoothie.
  18. Spend time listening to good music and reading or sing. You and the child.
  19. Find a place for the child and you to volunteer at least 1 hour twice a week.
  20. Discontinue all prescription and over the counter drugs, gradually.
  21. Use positive discipline only and never argue with the child and never show anger.
  22. Both the child and you will keep a journal and express gratitudes daily.
  23. Be certain to have EMF protection on child when he/she is on the computer doing classroom work and be supervised at all times.
  24. No computer games and increase supervised social activities as tolerated by the child.
  25. Work on myself to be the very best person and parent that I can be..always in a self improvement mode. Devoting my time to become the happiest person alive and helping my child become the happiest child alive.

Evaluate program every 3 weeks and change as needed for positive results.  Coordinate with coach and supervising physician.




Freddie Martin Arbuthnot, wellness/life coach, ordained minister and retired RN. Also has doctorate in Metaphysics

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