Monday, September 15, 2014

 I need to  rant so it is not appropriate for Facebook: I am so upset that most of the things I read and hear is about the necessary to destroy others with war and allow them to kill us. The Quakers and Unity are the only people who are saying that wars do not solve problems.
Another thing, if someone was making a video about how he was going to behead me, I would not stand there quietly on my knees with no fight, I would be rolling, kicking, etc. and not sitting there quietly saying that I was willing to be sacrificed to further their cause.  Why do they go so quietly?  I guess that I do not understand the human race. 
I have been listening and reading, mostly about cancer healing.  some of the people that I listen to are persons who have overcome an episode of cancer or other chronic disorder. 
As I read some of the information, vegans were very anxious to tell us about the China Study; wonder if it would say the same thing if they were trying to make a native of Alaska or Africa vegan.  I just don't like for people to take a study done in 1983, that does have some good stuff, and make it the treatment of all people; just not reasonable when you take it apart.
I have gained a lot of new info to expand my knowledge about. One of the products is Haelan, I am in the midst of my investigation of the product and some of the other modalities that have been discussed on the papers/books I have read and the webinars I listened to this past couple of weeks.
I listen and read as I do my oral coconut oil pull, do my MMS mouth wash and consume my MMS and lay on my infrared biomat. I am also doing my exercises outdoors in the sun, barefoot and leaning to meditate more effectively.  And all the other stuff that I know to do.... Of course, the number one thing that I do is Love my animals and people.. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to do these things and I live in an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness. 

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